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20 Jul 2021

Cavendish Nuclear Wins Hinkley Point A Waste Removal Contract

20 Jul 2021  by   

Nuclear services company Cavendish Nuclear has been awarded a contract to provide Magnox’s Hinkley Point A site in the UK with the capability to immobilise Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) and encapsulate it for safe long-term storage.

Image credit: Office for Nuclear Regulation

The contract, worth nearly £3 million, will form part of a wider waste management process, which will provide Magnox with the capability to safely immobilise and encapsulate the ILW that is currently stored in various locations on the site.

Hinkley Point A Site is located in Somerset, next to Hinkley Point C which is currently being built. It is a twin reactor site that stopped generating electricity in 2000 and is now being decommissioned.

Cavendish Nuclear will act as principal contractor and will lead the installation, setting to work and inactive commissioning for the project.

Paul Winkle, Magnox Chief Operating Officer, said the preconditioning facility “is a vital element of our decommissioning programme and will allow us to pacify ILW before it is either sent for further processing or sent directly to the site interim storage facility until a national repository becomes available.”

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