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16 Jul 2021

UK Oil & Gas Investments Basur-3 field in Turkey: Influence On The Growth Of Stock Prices?

16 Jul 2021  by   

UK Oil and Gas shares have been growing for six months. The highest value indicator was on April 8 and amounted to 0.3500 GBP. From May to June, the dynamics of the share’s indicators remained stable at 0.2350 – 0.2200 points. Today, the company’s shares

The dynamics of growth in the prices of UK Oil and Gas shares are steadily growing. And this is despite the fact that Brent oil prices have fallen below $ 76. As we know, the share of UK oil increased by 5% at the beginning of the week.

With the start of drilling at Basur – Resan, the shares of UK Oil and Gas began to grow rapidly. The same thing happened when UK Oil and Gas announced that the drilling process will begin at the Basur-3 field in Turkey. Since June 26, air drilling of a well with a diameter of 17 and a half inches has begun after the Oceanmec Karahan drilling rig was mobilized to the site in recent days.

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