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15 Jul 2021

Serbia to Invest 380 mln Euro in Djerdap Hydropower Complex - President Vucic

15 Jul 2021  by SeeNews   

Serbia plans to invest 380 million euro ($449 million) in the overhaul of the Djerdap hydropower complex, on the Danube, in the next ten years, President Aleksandar Vucic said.

Source: Serbian President's Office

"We will consume more and more electricity and we have to produce it," Vucic said during a visit to the Djerdap hydropower complex on Tuesday, according to a statement by his office.

Serbia is implementing a 28.5 million euro project for the overhaul of the ship locks of the Djerdap1 hydropower plant (HPP) and plans to complete it in the autumn. A further 31 million euro will be invested in the overhaul of the ship locks of Djerdap 2.

The Djerdap hydropower complex, located in the Iron Gate gorge on the Danube, was built jointly by Serbia and Romania and commissioned in the 1970s. The Serbian part of the complex comprises Djerdap 1 and Djerdap 2 HPPs, which have installed capacity of 1,058 MW and 270 MW, respectively.

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