13 Jul 2021

JinkoSolar Claims 23.53% Efficiency for N-Type, TOPCon, Monocrystalline Panel

13 Jul 2021  by   

Chinese solar manufacturer JinkoSolar has achieved 23.53% conversion efficiency for an n-type monocrystalline solar PV module based on its TOPCon mono cell technology, for which a record efficiency of 25.25% was announced in late May.

A JinkoSolar manufacturing facility in China.  Image: JinkoSolar

The result has been confirmed by Germany's TÜV Rheinland and beats the company's previous record of 23.1% set in January 2021.

“The module's breakthrough performance was the result of adopting JinkoSolar's cutting-edge TOPCon cell technology fused with a new-type of welding and packaging technology,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “The module design not only reduces the internal resistance loss of the module, but improves power efficiency and module appearance.”

In January 2020, Jinko said it was able to improve the panel performance by applying a new anti-reflection coating and advanced metallization technologies. New Tiling Ribbon (TR) technology was also incorporated into the cell design, which eliminates any inter-cell gap. At the time, the panel power conversion efficiency was 22.39%.

The solar module relies on solar cells featuring a 267.72cm2 monocrystalline silicon substrate grown using the Czochralski method.

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