01 Jul 2021

Germany Deployed 403 MW of PV in May

01 Jul 2021  by pv magazine Germany   

Germany saw the addition of 403.1 MW of new PV capacity in May, according to the latest figures from federal network agency the Bundesnetzagentur.

Germany's PV capacity reached 55.9 GW at the end of May.  Image: ArtTower/Pixabay

This compares to 691.4 MW in April this year and 446 MW in May 2020. The newly installed solar power generation capacity for the first four months of this year was 2,448.3 MW. In the same period a year earlier, this capacity stood at around 1,927 MW.

Of the monthly new additions, 295 MW was represented by PV installations built outside the tender scheme for projects ranging in size from 300 kW to 10 MW.

A significant decline in new PV installations was registered in the segment of rooftop projects with a capacity of 300 kW to 750 kW that, prior to the reform of the German renewable energy law enacted at the end of 2020, were entitled to receive a feed-in tariff, and which have now been included in the project categories that must participate in tenders.

The Bundesnetzagentur also reported that in May, ground-mounted PV plants with a combined capacity of 108 MW were grid connected.

The cumulative capacity of all subsidized PV systems in Germany reached 55.9 GW at the end of May.

The federal network agency also published new compensation rates which will begin in July. The monthly decrease of solar subsidies remains at 1.4% while fixed feed-in tariffs for rooftop systems will range between €0.0747/kWh and €0.0568/kWh, depending on size.

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