07 May 2021

New California Hydrogen Station Retailing at $13.14/kg

07 May 2021  by   

A new hydrogen station has opened in California, US – and the price of hydrogen is $13.14 per kilogram.

Part of the next wave of larger hydrogen stations with greater capacity, diversified hydrogen sources and a lower pump price, the Studio City True Zero Station is located in the San Fernando Valley in the greater Los Angeles area.

Developed by FirstElement Fuel, it has a capacity of 808 kilograms and has two fuelling positions with a total of three nozzles (two H70 nozzles and one H35 nozzle).

The station offers 100% renewable hydrogen. California requires that at least 33% of hydrogen fuel come from renewable sources. For stations that qualify for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard ZEV infrastructure credit, that amount increases to 40%.

Shane Stephens, founder and Chief Development Officer at FirstElement Fuel, told H2 View in April that the station developer is achieving $12 per kilogram at its newer liquid-based hydrogen refuelling stations in California, and that the company sees a pathway to getting below $10 over the next few years.

“The cost per kilogram is coming down, especially at our newer stations which are designed for higher capacity and use liquid hydrogen for delivery and storage,” Stephens said.

“Initially our stations used compressed gaseous hydrogen for delivery and storage, and we found that in practice it is very challenging to become cost competitive with that model. That was a valuable lesson learned.” 

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