23 Apr 2021

US Ammonia Producer unveils green hydrogen project

23 Apr 2021  by   

The largest producer of ammonia in the US, CF Industries Holdings, has signed a contract with Thyssenkrupp for a 20MW green hydrogen project at its factory in Louisiana.

The engineering and procurement contract is for the supply of an alkaline water electrolysis plant to produce green hydrogen at CF Industries’ Donaldsonville manufacturing complex.

When complete in 2023, the Donaldsonville green ammonia project will be the largest of its kind in North America.

CF Industries will allocate renewable energy purchased across its network from available grid-connected sources to match 100% of the electricity needed by the electrolyser to separate water into carbon-free hydrogen and oxygen.

The electrolyser will be integrated into existing ammonia plants at Donaldsonville where atmospheric nitrogen will be fixed with the carbon-free hydrogen to produce green ammonia. The complex will produce 20,000 tonnes of green ammonia a year.

Construction and installation, which will be managed by CF Industries, is expected to begin in the second half of 2021.

CF Industries president and CEO Tony Will said: “Today we launch a new era for CF Industries as we sign a definitive agreement to develop the first commercial-scale green ammonia project in North America.

“This project highlights the competitive advantage our world class ammonia production network offers to industries sourcing carbon-free energy and reinforces our commitment to make significant progress in reducing our carbon footprint by 2030.”

The modular electrolyser technology allows additional units to be added that leverage the Donaldsonville site infrastructure, enabling production to scale in the future.

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