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23 Apr 2021

Israel to Enact Climate Law to Deal with Global Warming

23 Apr 2021  by Xinhua   
Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection on Monday unveiled a new comprehensive climate law to deal with the global climate crisis and global warming.

The law, which will come into effect after the approval of the Israeli parliament, aims to create a comprehensive framework for the state's response to the climate crisis, with an emphasis on preparing for the damage caused by the crisis.

This preparation is intended to promote the sustainable development of society and the environment in Israel, including natural resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

The law's bid also focuses on reducing and preventing greenhouse gas emissions, primarily by switching to renewable energies.

It therefore includes a range of operative measures for energy efficiency and reduction of emissions in buildings and infrastructure.

This includes incentives to streamline resource use and reduce industrial emissions, new infrastructure to electrify transportation and sort and recycle waste, new clean technologies, and accessible databases.

The law also includes setting national goals, establishing an independent expert committee at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities to accompany government actions, and creating mechanisms for monitoring and reporting to parliament on the implementation of the law.

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