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07 Apr 2021

Development of the Kashima Offshore Wind Project to be Accelerated

07 Apr 2021  by Energy Global   

Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (Wind Power Group), Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Gas), and Vena Energy Holdings Ltd (Vena Energy) have announced, through Wind Power Energy Co., Ltd., the acceleration of the development of the Kashima Offshore Wind Project. The project is located in Kashima Port in the Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, and has a maximum capacity of 159.6 MW covering an area of 680 ha.

The Kashima Offshore Wind Project is expected to commence construction in 2024, and once completed it will be capable of delivering clean renewable energy to over 70 000 Japanese households annually.

The project is a joint-venture among Wind Power Group, which has extensive experience as a local wind power generation company; Tokyo Gas, which is a reliable gas and power utility company supplying energy and service to customers mainly in Kanto region; and Vena Energy, which operates, constructs, and develops wind and solar projects in Japan and across the Asia-Pacific region. The Kashima Port Offshore Wind Project will support the ‘2050 Carbon Neutrality’ strategy announced by the Japanese government. The strategy identified wind power as a key driver to achieve the targets of generating more than half of the country’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050, while decarbonising and boosting the domestic economy.

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