31 Mar 2021

Voltalia Wins Contract for Albanian Solar Project

31 Mar 2021  by Energy Global   

Voltalia, an international player in renewable energies, announces today that it has been awarded a new 100 MW solar project in Albania. This is the second project won by the company in the country in less than a year.

The project, called Spitalla, was won after a tender launched by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in November 2020. Voltalia has been awarded a 30-year concession contract on a 121 ha. site in the region of Durrës, on the Adriatic coast, some 30 km from Tirana, capital of Albania. The project will benefit from the region’s potential of solar radiation.

Out of the 100 MW, 70% will be sold through a 15-year power sale contract with FTL, a state-owned operator. The remaining 30% will be sold through another long-term power sale contract negotiated with a private operator.

The Spitalla plant will be commissioned in 2023. Voltalia will be responsible for the development, construction and maintenance of the project.

This is the second photovoltaic (PV) tender launched by Albania in less than a year. Voltalia won all the capacity involved in the tender. In May 2020, Voltalia had already announced that it had won a 30-year concession contract to develop, construct and operate Karavasta's 140 MW solar project. The two projects located a few tens of km away from each other, with a co-ordinated implementation calendar, will benefit from significant synergies during construction as well as throughout the operating period.

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