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20 Mar 2021

Coca-Cola Reaches Energy Efficiency Milestone at Swedish fFacility

20 Mar 2021  by   

Coca-Cola European Partners has reached a new energy efficiency milestone at its production facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

Leveraging technologies and expertise from Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Coca-Cola has, in less than a year, slashed its energy use by 13% at the facility.

The energy efficiency project resulted in annual savings equivalent to the amount of energy needed to charge a hybrid car 400,000 times.

The project included the installation of new energy-efficient fans and heat recovery systems from high-pressure compressors, leading to not only substantial energy savings but also improved air quality within the buildings and to quieter operations.

Siemens also upgraded the existing building management system to the Desigo CC platform, facilitating continuous optimisation of the production plant’s energy use.

The facility was opened in 1997 and is one of Coca-Cola’s biggest in Europe – producing more than 1 million liters of beverages a day.

Siemens will be helping Coca-Cola to meet its 2040 net-zero targets in Europe.

“We are very satisfied with how the project went, seeing how the implemented measures are paying off in a short time. Now, we look forward to continuing to develop the project to achieve even greater efficiency gains,” said Kim Hesselius, property manager at Coca-Cola European Partners in Sweden.

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