02 Feb 2021

AVIA Opens New Hydrogen Station in Switzerland

02 Feb 2021  by Molly Burgess   

European petrol station operator AVIA has opened the first hydrogen fulling station in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

With the commissioning of the new station, the AVIA Association and its member company – Osterwalder Zürich AG – believes it is setting an important example.

Patrick Staubli, Managing Director of the AVIA Association, commented, “As a founding member of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association, the AVIA Association is convinced that hydrogen will play a key role as an energy source for mobility in the future.”

“We are therefore pleased to open another hydrogen filling station within our filling station network in Rümlang, at an economically central and highly frequented location. With our AVIA member companies, we are in the process of expanding the geographic network of hydrogen filling stations.”

“Further projects are being planned, because green hydrogen is the way to independent and ecological electric mobility.”

Armin Schnellmann from Osterwalder Zürich AG, which built the AVIA gas station in Rümlang and operates it today, added, “Although hydrogen as an ecological fuel for passenger cars and commercial vehicles is currently in a development phase, it has the potential to become the standard fuel in the medium term.”

“We believe in the assertiveness and the success of the product and are planning further projects in the area of ​​hydrogen electromobility in the Zurich region. “

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