27 Jan 2021

100 New Hydrogen Pumps Planned for the US

27 Jan 2021  by Molly Burgess   

100 new hydrogen pumps could be installed at 100 existing gas stations in the US, as a result of a new deal between PowerTap Hydrogen Fuelling and the Andretti Group.

Announcing details of the agreement today (26th Jan), the companies said installations will start with 39 gas stations in the State of California this year, each owned by the Andretti Group.

Each of the stations will be equipped with PowerTap’s, 250-kilogram hydrogen production and dispensing fuelling stations.

Once installations in California are complete, the companies will then start work in other Andretti Group locations.

The development will represent both a significant step forward for the US’ hydrogen station network, and PowerTap’s goal to build a 500+ station network in the country.

Commenting on the commitment, Raghu Kilambi, CEO of PowerTap, said, “We are delighted to partner with the incredible team at the Andretti Group to bring our innovative and cost-effective hydrogen fuel technology to their gas stations locations, starting in California.”

“We are also confident that the Andretti Group will be a strong exclusive distribution partner as we build out our 500+ station network across the USA.”

Andretti Group Chairman Mario Andretti and partner/son Michael Andretti said, “Given our long family lineage around the automobile, we are thrilled to be on the vanguard of new transportation technology – especially in this very exciting and promising area of hydrogen fuel cells.”

“We are always energised at being first in the application of innovative technologies. We relish the prospect of leading America’s move to cleaner and more efficient energy.”

Founded in 1997, the Andretti Group is made up of Humboldt Petroleum, Peninsula Petroleum, and Colvin Oil.

The enterprise operates and/or supplies facilities under the Chevron, Texaco, Shell, 76, Circle K, Pacific Pride, and CFN brands, amongst others, in a geography spanning California, Oregon, and Washington.

MJ Castelo, Andretti Group Managing Member and CEO, added, “Our team is delighted to bring our fuel delivery experience and exceptional industry sector passion to the PowerTap initiative.”

“We are certain to add value facilitating hydrogen fuelling to our industry colleagues – and creating a new customer value proposition, as well as a robust new profit centre for operators.”

Under the agreement, the Andretti Group will introduce PowerTap to its network of major oil companies, chain retailers, cardlock operators, and independent fuelling stations and will provide certain services to the company.

PowerTap stations to be installed at Andretti Group locations will be governed by location-specific agreements between PowerTap and the applicable Andretti Group participants who operate the location.

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