06 Jan 2021

New Hydrogen Station Opens in Nagoya Odaka, Japan

06 Jan 2021  by Molly Burgess   

Air Liquide Japan has opened a hydrogen station in Nagoya Odaka as part of a joint project with Japan H2 Mobility (JHyM).

The industrial gas company opened the station on 24th December (2020), as part of the government plan to have 200,000 fuel cell electric vehicles on the roads and 320 stations by 2050.

Located in the Aichi Prefecture, an area which has one of the largest numbers of hydrogen vehicles and stations, the facility marks Air Liquide Japan’s and JHyM’s seventh jointly operated station.

According to a statement, the hydrogen refuelling system utilises Air Liquide Japan’s standard-type package, combining compressors and pressure accumulators into one unit.

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