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27 Nov 2020

China: Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5 Successfully Connected to the Grid for the First Time!

27 Nov 2020  by World-Energy   

At 00:41 on November 27, the world's first Hualong One reactor, China National Nuclear Corporation's (CNNC) Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5, was successfully connected to the grid for the first time.

It was confirmed on site that all technical indicators of the unit met the design requirements and the unit was in good condition, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent commercial operation of the unit and creating the best performance in the world's third-generation nuclear power first reactor construction. This marks that China has broken the monopoly of foreign nuclear power technology and has officially entered the ranks of advanced nuclear power technology countries. This is of great significance for China to realize the leap from a nuclear power country to a nuclear power power country, and it also further strengthens the "Belt and Road" countries to Hualong One Confidence.

As the "national business card" of China's nuclear power going to the world, Hualong One is one of the most widely accepted three-generation nuclear motors in the current nuclear power market, and is a major landmark achievement of China's nuclear power innovation and development. At present, China National Nuclear Corporation has 6 Hualong One nuclear power units under construction worldwide, and the safety and quality of the construction projects are under good control.

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