26 Nov 2020

Clean Power Hydrogen Delivers Ireland’s First Electrolyser

26 Nov 2020  by Molly Burgess   

Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) has delivered what it believes to be Ireland’s first-ever electrolyser.

Capable of producing both pure hydrogen and medical grade oxygen, the MFE02 Containerised Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ was shipped from the company’s Technology Innovation Centre in Doncaster.

The CPH2 system produces a mixed gas that is cryogenically separated. It makes use of a heat exchanger to recover the cold energy invested in the distillation of the oxygen from the mixed gas stream.

“This is such a momentous occasion for the company. The team has worked tirelessly to get to this point,” said Ian Pillay, Development Director at CPH2.

“They have put in exceedingly long days and weekends to ensure that we are ready on time. Not even COVID-19 has stopped us, and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved.”

In addition to the milestone delivery, the company has also secured £3m of further funds from private investors.

“This new investment will help us to scale the business further to meet the rapid growth and demand of the global electrolyser market, as well as the continued development of our manufacturing processes,” said Jon Duffy, Chairman and CEO of CPH2.

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