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23 Nov 2020

Leipzig Decarbonises with Gas-to-Hydrogen Turbines

23 Nov 2020  by   

Siemens Energy is supplying two gas turbine packages for a new CHP plant that will produce electricity and district heat for the German city of Leipzig and will eventually run on hydrogen.

C1 Update / 62 MW version. Credit: Siemens Energy

The new plant will be built for utility Stadtwerke Leipzig and will have an electrical capacity of approximately 125MW and a thermal capacity of around 163MW.

Stadtwerke Leipzig managing director Karsten Rogall said that by building the new plant: “We are getting ready to actively pursue decarbonisation.”

The plant’s maximum fuel efficiency will be 93% thanks to the district heat production.

The Siemens Energy SGT-800 gas turbines, each with a maximum efficiency of 41%, will initially run on natural gas when the plant becomes operational in 2022. However, the long-term goal is to operate the plant with 100 percent green hydrogen, which can be produced from wind or solar energy by electrolysis.

The new plant will also mean that Stadtwerke Leipzig will no longer rely on district heat from the Lippendorf lignite-fired power station.

Siemens Energy will also supply and install a battery solution which ensures that the plant can start up on its own without an external power supply in the event of a widespread blackout.

“By investing in a new cutting-edge district heating power plant, we’re not only ensuring that Leipzig will be supplied with electricity and heat in the coming decades,” said Karsten Rogall, managing director of Stadtwerke Leipzig.

“We are also getting ready to actively pursue decarbonisation. The ability to flexibly increase the share of hydrogen in the fuel is an excellent prerequisite for a sustainable and reliable power supply for Leipzig.”

Karim Amin, executive vice-president of Generation at Siemens Energy, said: “Our SGT-800 not only achieves the lowest emissions in its class, it is also outstanding with its high fuel flexibility and lower lifecycle costs.”

“We’re pleased to be working with Stadtwerke Leipzig to further promote the transition towards a new level of decarbonised energy mix in Germany.”

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