Wind Power

13 Aug 2019

New Tower Concept for Deepwater Turbines Unveiled by Wison

13 Aug 2019  by Skopljak   
Wison Offshore & Marine has launched a novel solution for installing offshore wind turbines in deep waters.

Wison Offshore & Marine

Wison has unveiled BT Wind, a technology that uses a truss buoyant tower for supporting a large offshore wind turbine.

According to the company, by featuring a truss buoyant tower and a self-elevated turbine tower the system makes installation easier and eliminates the need for installation vessels.

Wison also claims that therefore the technology lowers the costs in all phases of a project, from construction to decommissioning.

As the company said, the concept comes from its Buoyant Tower technology, which has been used in the offshore oil and gas for a while.

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