26 Oct 2020

SolarEdge and Schneider Electric Partner for Home Energy Management Solution

26 Oct 2020  by Jules Scully   

Inverter and smart energy equipment manufacturer SolarEdge has joined forces with Schneider Electric to develop a solution the companies say will allow homeowners to control how their solar energy is produced, used and stored.

The Square D Energy Center has been created to scale distributed energy resources such as solar and storage. Image: Schneider Electric.

The Square D Energy Center has been created to scale and optimise residential distributed energy resources such as solar, storage and smart home devices and generators.

The product, which pairs Schneider Electric’s experience in energy distribution with SolarEdge’s footprint in residential solar, aims to accelerate North America’s residential PV market and provide homeowners with “seamless energy management”, the companies said.

The solution features an app that enables users to monitor, manage and control battery storage, back-up operations, generator usage, and perform smart energy management.

“By partnering with Schneider Electric’s Square D Energy Center, we can provide a seamless energy ecosystem for both installers and system owners, while also accelerating the solar installation experience nationwide,” said Peter Mathews, North America general manager for SolarEdge.

Through the collaboration, the two companies initially aim to serve market needs in California, where solar is now required on all new build homes.

With residential energy consumption set to soar in the coming years, Schneider Electric North America CEO Annette Clayton said there will be a “greater strain on an ageing grid that has resulted in more frequent power outages than ever before”. She added: “In combining our expertise with SolarEdge, we’re poised to meet customer demands, while moving the needle on our shared vision of a sustainable, all-electric new energy world.”

The Square D Energy Center will be available for the North American market in the spring of 2021.

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