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19 Oct 2020

German Foreign Minister: "Beixi-2" Natural Gas Pipeline Will be Built

19 Oct 2020  by World-Energy   

German Foreign Minister Maas stated that the "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline "will be completed", but it is not certain when it will be completed.

Maas added that Germany made decisions based on its energy policy and energy supply "in Europe", saying that the German government accepted that "the United States more than doubled its oil imports from Russia last year and is currently the world's second largest importer of Russian heavy oil." fact. Maas emphasized, "The United States exercises its right to an independent energy policy, and so do we."

The "Beixi-2" project aims to lay a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea bottom, which can bypass Ukraine and transport Russian natural gas to Germany, and to other European countries through the German trunk pipeline.

The United States has been obstructing this project, believing that the "Beixi-2" project will enable European countries to deepen their dependence on Russian energy. In recent months, around the so-called "poisoning" incident of Navaline, a Russian opposition figure, there have been constant "wars of words" between Russia and the European Union, and some German politicians have called for the suspension of the construction of the "Beixi-2" project.

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