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10 Oct 2020

Electric Car: This New Battery Reloads in 15 Seconds

10 Oct 2020  by World-Energy   

Skeleton technologies, in collaboration with the karlsruhe institute of technology, has officially announced the development of an extremely innovative battery for cars, which could have repercussions for electric cars.At the moment, unfortunately, there's not very much detail about it, but the only thing we know is that we're working on a very new and innovative entirely graphene solution, which was then called a battery battery.Basically, this is an accumulator that will allow you to charge in a record time: 15 seconds.And the duration in time will be really long.

Electric nude and graphene: the future is near

Superbattery will use a material, patented by skeleton technologies, which is called graphene graphene tubes.According to some, this would be the key to ensuring that there are extremely rapid and long-lasting recharges.However, these accumulators fall into the category of supercapacitors, so, as things stand, they will still be used in conjunction with conventional lithium batteries.

This is because the energy density is still too low, so these accumulators cannot power electric cars all by themselves.The superbattery will certainly have the opportunity to find its application in different situations.One of these is the use in plug-in or fuel cell vehicles.Alternatively, it could be used as a buffer to manage peak energy, both acceleration and absorption, which are the activities where batteries consume most energy.Moreover, activities could increase, not least because the latest supercapacitor technology seems to have attracted many manufacturers.One of them is the famous firm in elon musk tesla, which has purchased maxwell technologies, a company which specialises in this very field.

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