15 Sep 2020

SAIC Makes Major Hydrogen Commitment

15 Sep 2020  by Molly Burgess   

SAIC Group has announced ambitious plans to have at least ten fuel cell vehicle models launched by 2025, as well as 10,000 fuel cell-powered cars on the road, as part of its new hydrogen strategy.

The Chinese automotive manufacturer has established a fuel cell research and development centre and an operations team with more than 1,000 employees to help push forward its goals.

“Accelerating the development and application of fuel cell technology is of great strategic significance for enhancing the core competitiveness and international influence of Chinese auto companies in the field of new energy vehicles, promoting the innovative and green development of China’s auto industry, and enhancing my country’s energy strategic security,” the company said in a statement.

SAIC Group said that it is continuously strengthening its cooperation with partners in the market to help build China’s “hydrogen friendship group” to jointly promote the overall implementation of the industrial chain.

The next five years will be critical for SAIC as it hopes to represent more than 10% of China’s fuel cell electric vehicle market, helping the country to reduce its carbon emissions and grow the clean vehicle market.

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