10 Sep 2020

Gravitational Energy Storage Using Soil Batteries

10 Sep 2020  by Wsset Official Channel   
The technology uses storage cores (large drums filled with compacted soil) that could be shifted between lower and higher points. The soil for the storage device can be obtained locally by digging the ground to create deep channels for the system. The soil is also used as a filler for the central concrete support structure. Pulleys are mounted on the top of central concrete structure. The drums are fitted with axial shafts and bearings and are mounted on a metal frame similar to tarmac rollers. The drums could be then pulled on the sloped central concrete structure using cables and motor/generator. The motor/generator is mounded on the ground to provide a good stability and ease of maintenance. When heavy drums moved down, they release potential energy (i.e. electricity generation) to the main grid system. GravitySoilBatteries can be used for a large-scale storage in conjunction with main grid systems. The technology is environmentally friendly and simple to construct. The estimate cost of GravitySoilBatteries is about $50/kWh or lower depending on the depth of the channels and height of the central support structure.

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