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15 Aug 2020

MHPS Maintains Leadership in Global Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines Market

15 Aug 2020  by   

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) continues to lead the power generation industry in global market share year-to-date for heavy-duty gas turbines (100MW and above).

The company has led the global market share by capacity for heavy-duty gas turbines in the first half of 2020 with orders of up to 3,472MW. This represented 32% of the overall market share during the period.

MHPS also achieved 52% global market share for advanced class gas turbines (G-, H- and J-Class), which is a subset of the heavy duty segment.

MHPS’ J-Series gas turbines continue to lead the market with their unrivaled combination of efficiency greater than 64% and world-class reliability of 99.5%.

The installed J-Class fleet has surpassed one million hours of commercial operation worldwide, which is nearly double that of competitors’ similar sized gas turbines.

As an added benefit, all gas turbines MHPS sells globally will be capable of operating with green hydrogen created using stored renewable energy.

The heavy-duty gas turbines segment represents the most advanced technology and drives energy production globally.

Paul Browning, the CEO of MHPS Americas, said, “The global gas turbine market strongly prefers MHPS’ JAC gas turbines, which are the industry’s most reliable gas turbines with record-setting fuel efficiency and output. Market preference for our heavy duty gas turbines recognizes our commitment to providing high quality solutions that contribute to the stable supply of flexible power, which combined with renewable power provides an essential path forward to combat climate change and advance human prosperity. Together with our customers, we are achieving a Change in Power.”

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