12 Aug 2020

RONN Motor to Launch Hydrogen SUV in 2022

12 Aug 2020  by Molly Burgess   
RONN Motor Group’s new hydrogen fuel cell SUV, known as the Myst, is set for limited release in California and China markets in 2022.

Named for the fact the only emission from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is water vapour, the Myst takes its design cues from the “Scorpion”, RONN Motor’s hydrogen enhanced supercar.

The American vehicle manufacturer has said that the Myst will keep a sport look, must like the Scorpion, and have stylistic features as well as a complete package of engineering firsts.

“Our vehicle is fully engineered, computer tested for certifications in both China and the US, the US and European supply chains have been developed and our body design teams are earnestly working on the final design for public release,” said Ronn Ford, the company’s CEO.

“As our company growth, engineering and manufacturing development have come into alignment, both in the US and China, we have been approached by several public SPAC’s in the last several weeks and are currently in discussions.”

“Jerry Lavine, our new executive in charge of product development, and former Ford executive added the Myst SUV will define the global benchmark for product features and performance that are only achievable with the RONN Motor Group’s all-new dedicated hydrogen fuel cell platform.”

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