29 Jul 2020

Wayland Energy to Drill Wells for Geothermal Heat Project Late

29 Jul 2020  by Wayland Energy   

Dutch Wayland Energy plans to start drilling for its Bergschenhoek geothermal project in the Netherlands in late 2020/ early 2021.

Project site at Bergschenhoek, Netherlands (source: Wayland Energy)

On its website, Dutch company Wayland Energy focused on energy supply to greenhouse horticulture operations in the Netherlands reports on plans for a geothermal installation at Schreyrackseweg in Bergschenhoek, Netherlands

Wayland Energy has plans to drill deep wells in late 2020 / early 2021 to extract geothermal heat from its location at Schreyrackseweg 17 in Bergschenhoek. The drilling work will take approximately 4 months.

Within the framework of this project, two wells will be drilled for geothermal heat and subsequently geothermal energy will also be extracted. Geothermal heat will be extracted from the first drilled well for use by various surrounding glasshouse horticultural companies in the Oosteindse Polder, the second drilled well will be used to bring the cooled water back into the same earth layer.

The company works in collaboration with municipalities, residents, companies and other stakeholders, taking into account the health and safety in the area and the protection of nature and the environment, so the company in a statement on its website.


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