29 Jul 2020

Infinite Blue Energy Unveils Green Hydrogen Station Network on Australia’s Major Highways

29 Jul 2020  by Joanna Sampson   

Infinite Blue Energy has today revealed plans for a network for 17 green hydrogen fuelling stations at key locations on major road transport routes Eastern Australia.

The Australian green hydrogen specialist will supply green hydrogen to NewVolt Infrastructure for the stations as part of a new agreement.

The partnership is expected to shine a spotlight on the huge potential for Australia to rapidly transition the heavy transport sector to electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks by harnessing Australia’s enviable renewable energy resources.

The NewVolt network of 17 stations, which will also include electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure, will span the major transport corridors between Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The first stations are planned for the Wodonga and Newcastle areas, leveraging existing and new infrastructure.

These will host Australia’s first electric and hydrogen truck vehicles operating in and around the port area catering to a range of haulage applications.

Infinite Blue Energy said future expansions are planned for Western Australia, spanning Perth to Port Headland and Perth to Adelaide, ensuring total coverage from East to West.

“Green hydrogen is the most innovative solution for decarbonising heavy transport given Australia’s vast geography, and we are delighted to be partnering with NewVolt in establishing fuelling facilities around Australia,” Infinite Blue Energy’s CEO Stephen Gauld said.

“The lack of sufficient quantities of green hydrogen has been a major barrier for businesses to transition away from diesel, and Infinite Blue Energy is seen as the key to breaking this barrier.”

“We see this collaboration as providing an important message to industry that the infrastructure will be in place in Australia so the transport industry can start planning for and making investment decisions in relation to electric and hydrogen vehicles,” NewVolt’s Managing Director Greg Politakis said.

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