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01 Jul 2020

Atlantis Marks 30GWh MeyGen Milestone

01 Jul 2020  by Adis Ajdin   

SIMEC Atlantis has seen its 6MW tidal energy project MeyGen delivering 30 gigawatt hours of electricity to the UK grid.

As the COVID work restrictions continue to ease country wide, Atlantis continues to see minimal disruption to its tidal business.

The MeyGen production milestone also follows the company’s business advancements in France.

Normandie Hydroliennes (Atlantis owns 51 per cent) landed the lease to develop a 12MW tidal power project in Raz Blanchard.

Atlantis is seeking to expand this collaboration into a larger tidal project in Normandy and Alderney territorial waters.

Additionally, Atlantis is making progress to deliver turbines, a subsea hub and services to clients in Japan and Scotland this year.

End-March this year MeyGen also secured £1.5 million grant from the Scottish Government’s Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund.

It will help to develop a subsea hub for the next phase of development of the MeyGen tidal power array.

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