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03 Jun 2020

How to Develop a Smart Grid Economy in Ile-De-France

03 Jun 2020  by World-Energy   

The challenges of ile-De-France's energy transformation and large urban projects make it necessary to develop a new way of producing and managing energy.Smart grids can meet this new demand.

The deployment of renewable energy is now recognized as one of the priorities for the success of the energy transition process.The Ile-de-France region, for example, faces intensive energy use and changes in consumer demand.The Metro du Grand Paris, the 2024 Olympic Games, the development of electric cars and all the new urbanization projects have high demands for electricity.

Constructing regional ecosystem

The smart grid will be an important market for Ile-De-France by helping to reduce the peak consumption associated with all these development and urbanization projects.

However, this huge growth potential of smes in the region remains underutilized.

Building on this observation, the Paris-Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and industry recently brought together representatives of French companies to encourage them to seize the opportunities associated with this activity and proposed new areas, to come together in a regional ecosystem and build smart grid supplies.

Eric L'Helguen, CEO of EMBIX, assessed opportunities for the Ile-De-France smart grid market.

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