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29 May 2020

Tata Power Sees Demand Peak to 1.5GW Amidst Heat Wave

29 May 2020  by asian-power   

Peak power demand in Delhi is tipped to reach last year’s 7.4GW by July.

India’s Tata Power Delhi Distribution saw a peak power demand of 1,493MW on the night of 24 May without network constraint and power outage, as Delhi touched the season’s high of 5,268MW amidst a heat wave, according to a press release.

The company noted that the closing down of commercial establishments besides offices had led to a sharp decline in power demand in the last two months. However, as lockdown relaxed, the peak power demand in Delhi is expected to touch last year’s peak of 7,409MW by July.

“We have made adequate arrangements of power of up to 2,500MW along with contingency planning, through long-term tie-ups, bilateral imports and power banking arrangements with other states and upgraded network to ensure regular supply in our area of distribution,” said Mr. Ganesh Srinivasan, CEO, Tata Power-DDL.

As per India Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi is projected to witness a severe heat wave over the next few days and the temperature will continue to soar in the range of 45-47 degrees.

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