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21 May 2020

Nanjing Wisdom Expo, 2020 Nanjing International Smart City, Internet of Things, Big Data Expo

21 May 2020   
Time 2020-12-18 - 2020-12-21
Organizer Beijing mingshibo international exhibition co. LTD
Place Beijing ONE, xinhua street, tongzhou district, Beijing
Industry Others  
Tel 185 1555 6762

AIOTE nanjing international expo wisdom city, Internet of things, big data (hereinafter referred to as the nanjing wisdom expo) is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the national professional display platform, in order to "build international cooperation platform, create excellent brand, display the corporate image, promote common development" as the theme, through constructing exhibition, achievements, investment promotion and trade negotiation, as one of professional communication platform, the core technology, product display industry, innovation, famous politicians, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars at home and abroad, the industry elite, association, organization, development of intelligence industry together, We will deepen the integration of the digital economy and the real economy.
<<< review of previous sessions
Wisdom of expo 2019, attracting international well-known enterprises have: united China, China aerospace science and industry, hikvision, jingdong cloud, more money guest, jay and Ann technology, tea, easy way to know, is DE, tian jian lake industrial park of science and technology, the extension will, lang tong science and technology, western troops, abbot walter, tarceva, yi tong intelligent science and technology, and four letter communication, diffuse way, move the ke communication of science and technology, gold pigeons technology, avatar, pinecone, grapefruit electronic science and technology, Internet giant heart, xin da, samsung, lenovo group, citic, tarceva software, and other well-known enterprises, for the exhibitors and professional audience presented a feast with the participation of highly integrated industry professional communication.
Wisdom expo 2019 has been reported by CCTV, TVB, China Daily, People's Daily, China business news, Wall Street journal and xinhua, sina, sohu, tencent, netease, phoenix,, People's Daily and other media at home and abroad.
< < < 2020AIOTE nanjing wisdom fair
Eight themes to create integrated solutions for smart life
As an annual event of the global science and technology industry and a platform for the launch of new products, AIOTE2020 nanjing wisdom expo has been taking continuous innovation as its mission, leading the science and technology information industry to seek new breakthroughs. In 2020, we will launch eight new exhibition areas -- smart city, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, smart home, smart retail, smart community and digital health technology. Promote the integrated solution of the whole intelligent life, bringing more possibilities to the science and technology information industry.
2020 nanjing international smart city, Internet of things, big data expo (hereinafter referred to as nanjing smart expo) will be held in nanjing international exhibition center in December, focusing on intelligent development, and jointly discussing the current situation and hot topics in the field of intelligent development. We will highlight core technologies, products and innovations in the global smart industry, integrate the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence with smart cities, and promote the comprehensive development of smart city construction. You are welcome to visit the exhibition!
<<< what can the wisdom fair bring you?
1. An efficient communication platform with high-quality professional buyers from all over the world. Open the door of opportunity here! Last year, 106,000 visitors from 108 countries and regions visited the expo, and the popularity index of professional visitors reached 246, which means that every booth receives 246 professional visitors every day. The popularity index of purchasers reached 67, that is, 67 people with intention or actual purchasing behavior were received in each booth every day. The exhibition provides procurement matching value-added services, multi-link, simple procurement.
2. Strong endorsement of the exhibition brand, a large number of domestic and overseas media conducted interviews and reports on the exhibitors and bright products. Take your product to the world! Wisdom expo has the strong support of the government, many national leaders have visited the wisdom expo guidance. More than 1500 journalists from nearly 200 domestic and overseas media participated in each exhibition, including not only Chinese media, but also powerful multimedia reporting channels and its own traffic.
3, multi-dimensional value-added services, vertical industry professional forum participation opportunities.
It is also a place to develop industry contacts and increase professional knowledge! Services that exhibitors can enjoy include but are not limited to: conference coverage and media promotion; New product and technical information release; VR to the wisdom fair; Exhibition area of outstanding innovative exhibits of wisdom fair; Wisdom fair official website "exhibits first look" report; Key exhibits were recommended to the information centre; Theme tour route activities; Invited group buyers to visit; Procurement talks; Participate in supporting professional and technical forum meetings; Business trips; Enjoy VIP lounge, etc.
<<< corporate honor
In order to encourage scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, establish a high-end smart city honest brand, create a high-end product image, and promote the rapid development of the industry. The organizing committee of nanjing wisdom expo will select a group of enterprise brands and products with good credit, advanced technology and high quality, and award them with honors during the expo.
1. Gold award of "wisdom fair
2. "wisdom fair" scientific and technological innovation award
3. "designated product, recommended product," award of "wisdom fair
4. "wisdom fair", "quality product award", "top 10 brands, outstanding enterprises," award
5. Self-designed awards: enterprises can self-designed awards according to their own advantages and positioning of products
6. "wisdom fair" best image display award (note: required special installation area of 36㎡ and above can participate)
Time and place
Time: December 18-20, 2020
Venue: nanjing international exhibition center (no. 88, longpan road, nanjing)
The significance of
1. To stimulate investment and expand business opportunities for enterprises in the post-crisis era, accelerate industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, and promote industrial economic development.
2. Introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology and management experience through the exhibition to enhance the overall market competitiveness of the industry.
3. Cooperate with new industrial bases to attract investment and promote industrial development.
4. Gather economic and trade exchanges among enterprises in various regional industries, improve the industrial chain, and promote the complementary and balanced development of regional industries.
Positioning of the conference
1. The conference will be led by smart city, with the development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and big data technology as the core, assisted by advanced technology in the field of smart home modernization technology and industry, and will introduce foreign advanced technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements through the trade of scientific and technological products, gradually deepen into industrial clusters and improve industrial chain trade.
2. The exhibition and forum will be organically combined to integrate industrial trade and academic exchanges. We will strive to build the exhibition into an integrated economic and trade platform for production, learning, research and trade.
3. With the development strategy of "base on nanjing, radiate to the whole country and go to the world", the conference strives to build the exhibition into an international smart city, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data, intelligent home technology and equipment industry comprehensive brand exhibition, and at the same time build the forum into an international high-end academic event.
Related activities arrangement
1. China artificial intelligence development and future technology industry investment and trade forum;
2. China future perception life forum;
3. China Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data financial investment matchmaking conference;
4. China Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, intelligent home industry academic seminar, latest research and development results report meeting, investment negotiation meeting, supply and demand purchasing and sales matching meeting;
5. Internet of things, big data, smart home industry innovation, safety and energy conservation, science and technology environmental protection award selection and award presentation activities;
Exhibits range
Smart city, Internet of things, big data, RFID smart card, intelligent transportation, intelligent application, environmental protection and energy conservation, environmental monitoring, big data finance, big data application, big data software and services, big data intelligent manufacturing and equipment, Internet innovation and application, industrial big data, agricultural big data, etc. Intelligent robots, industrial robots, commercial robots, chip, semiconductors, integrated circuits, embedded software, computer software, communications technology, chain blocks, artificial intelligence, target recognition, cloud computing, intellectual property, smart home, intelligent life, intelligent security, public security video surveillance, banking system, financial, electronic commerce, electronic products, mobile devices, software development, software systems, Internet +, electronic payment, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical, intelligent lighting, intelligent building, etc.;
The cost
1. Standard booth :3㎡×3㎡=9㎡; General standard exhibition: 9800RMB/ piece; Double-sided opening mark exhibition: 10800RMB/ piece; International exhibitors: USD3000 / piece; The standard booth includes carpet, three sides of coaming, lintel board of company name, one consulting table, two chairs, two spotlights and one power socket (please specify the special electricity in advance, the exhibition hall charges separately).
2. Indoor space: domestic exhibitor: RMB1000 /㎡; International exhibitors: 1800 yuan /㎡ (rent from 36㎡) free space without any exhibition rack and facilities, exhibitors can arrange their own construction contractor or entrust the organizer to recommend the construction company.
3. Exhibition advertisement: it will help you strengthen the brand influence in the industry!
Cover 25,000 yuan cover two 18,000 yuan page 18,000 yuan
Back cover 20,000 yuan cover 315,000 yuan color inside pages 6000 yuan
4. Technical exchange meeting: the fee for the technical exchange meeting is RMB 10,000 yuan/session, and each session is limited to 1 hour. If less than 1 hour, each session will be counted as one session.
5. Admission ticket for audience: RMB 10,000/20,000 (exclusive RMB 80,000, 200,000)
6. Printed the sponsor LOGO, text and pictures for the promotion of the exhibition certificate, the visiting card, the belt, RMB 38,000 /10000.
Please consult the organizing committee if you need advertising space on the indoor and outdoor walls and at the main entrance (note: advertising space is limited).
The exhibition advantage
We through the previous several in Beijing to hold this exhibition of the feasibility and necessity of resources; Led the role with the organizer of the industry, organizing the drive units, support units, through the consult the opinions of the industry enterprises, agents, dealers, to understand the status of the industry in the overall development of commerce and industry, through newspapers, magazines, the Internet and other media, to understand our wisdom city, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data technology industries such as economy, trade and market current situation; After a great deal of consultation, investigation and understanding on various aspects, we believe that it is feasible and significant to hold this expo in nanjing.
Participation procedures
1. Principle of booth arrangement: "apply first, pay first, arrange first".
2. In order to make the overall arrangement of the exhibition more reasonable and international, please fill in the form of "application for participation and contract" and scan it with official seal or mail it to the organizing committee;
3. The exhibitor shall pay 50% of the exhibition fee within three working days after signing up, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to adjust or cancel the booth he/she ordered.
4. Without the consent of the organizing committee, the exhibitors will cancel the exhibition plan unilaterally, and the exhibition fees paid will not be refunded;
5. Without the consent of the organizing committee, exhibitors are not allowed to transfer their reserved booths. Otherwise, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their participation qualification.
Note: in order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the organizing committee reserves the right to retain or change some exhibitors' booths.
Organizing committee secretariat
Beijing mingshibo international exhibition co. LTD
Address: Beijing ONE, xinhua street, tongzhou district, Beijing
Contact person: Gordon 185 1555 6762 (same as WeChat)


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