19 May 2020

New Hydrogen Station Opens in Japan

19 May 2020  by Joanna Sampson   

Air Liquide Japan and Japan H2 Mobility (JHyM) have jointly opened a new hydrogen station in Kasugai Katsugawa, Aichi Prefecture.

Located near National Route 19 and the Katsugawa entrance/exit to the Nagoya Daini Kanjo Expressway, the station aligns with initiatives in the Chubu region to create a hydrogen society using hydrogen as energy in daily lives and for industrial purposes.

It is also part of Japanese government plans to have 200,000 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and 320 stations by 2025.

Aichi Prefecture has one the largest numbers of hydrogen vehicles (1,100) and stations (25). The area also hosts the Japanese automobile industry.

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