02 Jul 2020

Final Dam Section Completed at Wudongde Project, China

02 Jul 2020  by Water Power   
The final dam section of the Wudonde hydropower project in China was completed on 4 May, marking completion of the world’s first 300m low heat concrete arch dam, China Three Gorges Corporation has stated on its Twitter account.

The dam is the fourth largest in China. The 10.2GW Wudongde project is located in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River in Yunnan Province. It will feature 12 x 850MW Francis machines.

Wudongde, along with the 16GW Baihaten project, forms the second phase of the four large hydropower projects being constructed downstream of the Jinsha River. The first phase involved the construction of the Xiluodu Hydropower Station and the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station.

Images of the Wudongde dam from China Three Gorges Corp Instagram account



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