08 May 2020

JFE Engineering Set to Generate Electricity from Geothermal Energy

08 May 2020  by ANI   

Geothermal energy in Japan is expected to be actively utilized as renewable energy. This is one of the world's most abundant sources of power.

In 2018, a new geothermal electric power generation was launched in Matsuo-Hachimantaiarea, Iwate Prefecture. JFE Engineering coordinates the total system of planning, construction of geothermal power plants and electricity sales.

"JFE Engineering has participated in the construction of a geothermal power plant in the Matsuo-Hachimantai area as an investment company. First, I think Japan is the third-largest country in the world with such natural resources. Geothermal electric power generation is a renewable energy that can be used as stable energy that does not vary in time. JFE Engineering has been involved in the construction of the geothermal power plants for more than 50 years," said a Hiroyuki Kawasaki of JFE Engineering.

JFE Engineering provides a high-efficiency geothermal power generation system consisting of production and well-managed facilities, steam production facility, steam gathering pipeline, brine gathering pipeline, and re-injection facility, and binary power generation facility capable of utilizing both steam and hot water.

"The power plant output is 7499 KW. This is the largest plant after 22 years in Japan. For foreign countries, many like Indonesia have a geothermal resource, so JFE Engineering can construct steam production facilities and power plants consistently; we hope to expand the geothermal power generation to other countries," Kawasaki said.

The electricity produced is supplied to the local town. Technology of JFE Engineering to convert geothermal into stable energy can make great contribution around the World.

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