29 Apr 2020

Construction Begins on World’s Largest Solar Powered Hydrogen Plant in China

29 Apr 2020  by Jennifer Runyon   

China’s Baofeng Energy Group said it started construction on the largest solar-powered hydrogen pilot plant in the world. The project will use a 200-MW solar power plant located in the Northwestern region of Ningxia to make hydrogen via electrolysis.

Several reports indicate that the project is expected to cost about 1.4 billion yuan ($198 million) and produce 160 million standard cubic meters of hydrogen per year.

The project also involves the creation of hydrogen refueling stations and a collaboration with urban hydrogen-powered busses.

Baofeng Energy, which is primarily a coal mining and chemical production company, said the project is a demonstration of how to move away from fossil-fuel based energy and that it sees great potential in hydrogen.

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