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29 Apr 2020

Poland to Help Energy Groups Hit by Lower Demand by Easing Rules

29 Apr 2020  by Reuters   
Poland plans to help energy groups free up capital by easing some rules on electricity sales on the power exchange, the government said on Tuesday.

"Due to the current situation ... companies, which significantly reduced activity or decided to suspend it, have caused a big fall in demand for electricity," the government said in a draft of the proposed legislation.

In March, when Poland launched restrictions designed to stop the coronavirus, power consumption fell by 3.95% year on year, the grid operator said.

"Unplanned falls in demand for electricity increase the threat for maintaining the financial liquidity of companies which sell power," the draft said.

The new legislation offers to ease rules regarding mandatory costs which energy companies have to bear when they sell electricity on the power exchange, which analysts say will help them free up capital.

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