29 Apr 2020

NLCIL Launches Coal Mining Operations in Odisha

29 Apr 2020  by Bosco Dominique   
NLC India Limited (NLCIL) has commenced operations to mine coal at Talabira mines in Odisha. NLCIL has established a facility to mine 20 million tonne of coal per annum.

The coal mined in the region will be used to meet the requirement of the company's existing and future coal-fired power plants.

Hitherto, NLCIL was procuring the fuel from other companies.

“By launching the project during the difficult time of Covid-19 lockdown, our team has not only helped the company on its growth path but also contributed for the energy security of the country especially when avoiding import of coal is the topmost priority,” said NLCIL chairman cum managing director Rakesh Kumar.

This coal block has been developed through mine developer and operator (MDO) model, which is developed and successfully implemented by the NLC team. This mine has a low stripping ratio of 1.09 (ratio of the volume of waste material required to be handled to extract coal). The coal is of G-12 grade (calorific value exceeding 3,700 but not exceeding 4,000 per kg), which will enable the company to generate power at a competitive price.

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