23 Apr 2020

Power Generation Drops to 3,757MW as 6 Plants Remain Idle

23 Apr 2020  by Ripples Nigeria   

The output levels of Nigeria’s hydropower plants recorded rapid depletion in the last couple of days, which saw the entire power generation slip to 3,757MW.

Data gleaned from the Nigerian Electricity System Operator reveals that between 16th April and 6am on 20th April, electricity generated at Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro hydropower stations plunged from 980MW to 534MW, translating to around 46% fall.

Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro produced 294MW, 345MW and 341MW as of 6am 16th April, jointly accounting for 22.85% of the total power generation in the country.

However, the output levels of Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro had plummeted by 157MW, 277MW and 100MW respectively as of 6am on 20th April, representing 14.21% of the total national figure.

According to the data, Kainji’s 1G7 unit is out on stator winding failure while the 1G8 unit is out owing to oil leakage on governor runner head.

Kainji’s 1G9 unit is out because of a burnt damage to 7.5MVA 33/0.415kV & 183.6MVA 16/330kV station service transformer and generator transformer. The 1G10 has also been shut down as a result of bearing temperature problem.

Jebba’s 2G2 and 2G4 are out owing to load demand by distribution companies (Discos). Its 2G5 had tripped on unit vibration while its 2G6 is not in use because of burnt generator winding and automatic voltage regulator.

Shiroro recorded a drop in generation in its 411G1, 411G2 and 411G3 units owing to low-load demand from Discos while its 411G4 is non-operational as a result of fault.

The bulk of Nigeria’s power generation comes from gas-fired plants with hydropower accounting for about 30% of total generation.

Between 6am on 16th April and 6am on 20th April, Nigeria’s power generation fell from 4,287.7MW to 3,757.9MW.

Six power plants – Gbarain, Sapele, Ihovbor, ASCO, AES and Ibom Power – were not generating power as of 20th April.

The nation’s installed generation capacity stands at 12,910.40MW, the available capacity at 7,652.60MW and transmission wheeling capacity at 8,100MW.

The peak generation Nigeria has ever attained was 5,375MW.

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