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18 Apr 2020

SDRPY Inaugurates New Electricity Project in Yemen

18 Apr 2020  by Power Technology   
The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has launched a new electricity project in Yemen’s Al-Mahra Governorate.

The project aims to upgrade electrical grids, improve power flow via the electricity grid, lower interruptions and absorb new power loads.

Once completed, the project will serve 10,000 beneficiaries in the Al-Sadah and Al-Souq areas of Al-Ghaydah directorate.

The project will see the installation of new medium-voltage and low-voltage networks including lines, extensions and transformers for the district’s commercial zone and Al-Sadah neighbourhood.

It involves 11KV medium lines for medium-voltage network, low-voltage 415v air lines network and 11.4KV transformers distribution.

Al-Mahra governor Mohammed Ali Yasser laid the foundation stone for the project.

Yasser said: “We and our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia have one body and one homeland and we are looking forward to more projects and more achievements.”

Additionally, the project is expected to the existing Al-Ghaydah power plant’s production capacity by 75%. It will also add five transformers each with 3MW capacity to minimise interruptions that occur often.

SDRPY provides oil derivatives to Yemeni power plants. The monthly fuel support for the province’s electricity stations during summer is expected to be raised to 4,800 tonnes.

With this initiative, SDRPY intends to help power stations to take on higher loads of electricity, while decreasing outages.

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