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17 Apr 2020

Nissan Gives Lithium-ion Battery Technology to APB Corporation

17 Apr 2020  by energy.economictimes.indiatimes.   

Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan has announced on Thursday that it has licensed an advanced technology to the APB Corporation, which will allow the latter to mass-produce the lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles.

These lithium-ion batteries are claimed to be equipped with increased charging capacity. The automaker further claims that this advanced technology will help the customers to use low-cost and renewable energy more efficiently.

APB Corporation plans to set up a factory in Japan where it will mass-produce the all-polymer batteries with Nissan-sourced technology. The all-polymer batteries are the next-generation lithium-ion batteries that come with more efficient charging function and more range for the vehicles.

The all-polymer batteries with a bipolar structure, come equipped with polymers that replaces the liquid electrolyte and metal electrodes used in conventional batteries. Front and back of these battery cells are made of a polymer current collector. This technology not only enhances safety but simplifies the structure resulting in lower cost.

Hideki Kimata, Vice President, corporate strategy and business development division, Nissan, said, “We believe the widespread adoption of this technology will contribute to fulfilling the UN’s sustainable development goals and help realize a sustainable, low-carbon society.”

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