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12 Feb 2020

South Korea’s First HVDC Upgrade Strengthens Renewables Transportation

12 Feb 2020  by Smart Energy International   
The Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and GE Renewables Energy’s Grid Solutions have upgraded a high-voltage direct current link between South Korea mainland and Jeju Island to optimise the transportation of renewable energy.
The upgrade of the 300MW HVDC has been completed within the set 24-month deadline and will improve bi-directional flow of power between South Korea mainland and its largest island Jeju.
The upgrade included the installation of GE’s ‘most advanced’ Line Commutated Converter valve technology, the H450, as well as an upgrade to the control system and cooling system.
Algorithms will be used to maintain grid frequency for higher reliability and more robust operational control.
Jeju Island, located 100 km south of the peninsula mainland, is the center of smart grid investments and energy efficiency projects in the country. KEPCO is supporting the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province as it moves toward the goal of a 2030 Carbon Neutral Island. Wind and solar farms generate power for the island, and the bi-directional HVDC link now enables any excess power to be transmitted back to the mainland.
“The reinforcement of the grid to accompany the renewable energy generation objective of the Korean government is critical. HVDC transmission, and specifically this upgrade project for Jeju Island, is a critical enabler of this energy transition in Korea,” said Kim Sung-Arm, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Executive Vice President for Power Grid, KEPCO.

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