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05 Feb 2020

New York Announces $341m Funding to Rebuild Transmission Lines

05 Feb 2020  by Power Technology   
The Government of New York has announced a funding of $341m to rebuild an 86-mile stretch of ageing Moses-Adirondack transmission lines.
The funding will allow the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to support the state’s energy system and meet clean energy goals.
New York Governor Cuomo said: “The rebuilding of our North to South transmission lines is a major infrastructure investment and vital piece of our clean energy future that will boost upstate economies and create jobs.
“This project provides a critical link for the delivery of new clean energy sources being developed in Northern New York to the population centres that need their power, furthering our nation-leading efforts to build a carbon-free energy system by 2040.”
As part of the funding, a $294m contract has been announced for the Moses-Adirondack Smart Path Reliability Project.
The project would enable New York’s energy system to transmit renewable energy from northern New York to other parts of the state.
NYPA board awarded a $294m contract to Michels Power for the construction of the new transmission lines.
NYPA president and CEO Gil C Quiniones said: “Rebuilding and modernising our major transmission lines is vital so that we can advance the Governor’s and New York State’s clean energy policies and goals.
“These Smart Path upgrades will enable us to have a reliable, resilient transmission pathway from north to south.”
The first phase of Smart Path project includes rebuilding approximately 78 miles of the total 86-mile transmission line stretch, while the second phase involves replacing the remaining length, as well as modernising the Moses Switchyard and the Adirondack Substation.
The construction works are expected to begin this year and will be completed by 2023. During the construction period, the project will create new employment opportunities.

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