04 Feb 2020

District Heating Network in Fondon, Spain to Tap Mine Water for Geothermal Heat

04 Feb 2020  by Alexander Richter   
The geothermal network of Fondón in Southern Spain will be put into service next year, so local news. The project to undertake the installation, which will use the mine water from the Sama mining operation to heat several buildings in Langreo Centro, has taken another step with the implementation of the procedure to award the work. The action promoted by Hunosa has a budget of EUR 3.2 million and an execution period of ten months.

The centralized heat production system from geothermal energy will provide heating and sanitary hot water to the building of the 45 public housing units of Langreo Centro. You will also reach the Juan Carlos Beiro sports center, the health center of La Felguera and the building that houses Langrehotel and the residence for the elderly “Nuestra Señora del Fresno”.
Within this project the infrastructure on the old mining site will be rehabilitated in which the necessary equipment will be housed in the geothermal system. The action projected by the state company is limited to a functional conditioning of these spaces and includes an acoustic room in the warehouses to reduce the noise emitted by the chillers. In addition, Hunosa intends to demolish two buildings that are in a state of ruin and that are located on both sides of the set up to be rehabilitated. Hunosa will develop this first phase, which initially expected it to be ready by the end of this exercise, but is already thinking of a possible extension, which would allow public buildings located in Sama to be supplied as the educational centers of the Paseo de Los Llerones, the health center or City Hall.
For this first block of jobs Hunosa received a grant from the Ministry of Employment, Industry and Tourism, amounting to EUR 1.14m, to develop the plan for geothermal use of mine water in Langreo. This aid is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (Feder).
The work that will provide heating to Langreo Centro through the installation that will leave the Fondón well has a complex development. Hunosa has had to initiate a long process since it needs authorization from several organizations for the passage of the pipes of the heat network. Driving will have to save Renfe’s roads a few meters from the well, the Nalón River and will affect several public spaces before reaching the buildings.
Among the administrations to which the state company has had to go to request authorizations that allow it to carry out the construction work of the circuit, whose approximate length (round trip) will be 2,700 meters, is the City of Langreo. Hunosa has already executed in Mieres the geothermal projects of the Álvarez Buylla Hospital, the Research Building and the Student Residence of the Barredo Campus and the headquarters of the Asturian Energy Foundation (FAEN). In addition, the works of the heat network with geothermal water from the Barredo well have been executed to reach the scientific-technical building of the Polytechnic School of Mieres in addition to two blocks of houses in the neighborhood of La Mayacina, with 248 floors, and to the IES Bernaldo de Quirós.
Additional information on the project can be found in this article published in May 2019 (in Spanish).


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