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30 Jan 2020

MHPS Supplying Steam Turbine Power Plant

30 Jan 2020  by jburke   
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has received an order for a steam turbine power plant for a natural gas and oil-fired power plant in Cartagena, a major port city in the Republic of Colombia.

The company said that high efficiency is achieved by using a gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) instead of a single-cycle gas turbine power generation system. The current power generation capacity of about 330 000 kW will be improved by about 74% to about 570 000 kW.

The power plant is operated by the power generation company Termocandelaria SCAESP. The existing power generation equipment consists of two gas turbines supplied by other companies, and we have been working on converting this equipment to dual fuel in 2006. This time, along with the introduction of GTCC by adding steam turbine equipment, we have upgraded existing gas turbines and signed a long-term maintenance service contract (LTSA) for 15 years.

The company received an order from Tecnicas Reunidas SA of Spain, which undertakes design, procurement, and construction (EPC) of additional work, with a U.S. subsidiary as a point of contact. We supply machines and repair parts. In addition, the digital solution service MHPS-TOMONI is also applied. Through remote real-time status monitoring and performance monitoring of the power generation equipment, the service aims to simplify and increase the efficiency of operation and maintenance (O & M), including extending the periodic inspection interval, and to improve equipment operation and performance.

MHPS will continue to pursue the optimization of power generation facilities while working more closely with customers through the provision of GTCC power generation systems and the provision of services through MHPS-TOMONI, thereby improving the economics of power plants and improving customer profitability. And contribute to the stable supply of electricity and reduce the impact on the global environment.

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