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14 Jan 2020

Tesla Is Going to Add A New Feature to Its Cars That Talks to You

14 Jan 2020  by TIMESOFINDIA   

Electric carmaker Tesla is going to add a new feature to its cars. The company’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted a video with the caption “Teslas will soon talk with people if you want. This is real.” The video clip shows a Tesla Model 3 on the street saying “Well don’t just stand there staring. Hop in.” to the pedestrians.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may launch a car that talks to you

The Tesla CEO didn’t enumerate about the teased feature. However, in his other tweet, he mentioned that the feature would be compatible with the Fart mode and Sentry anti-theft mode. Some equated the probable addition of a talking feature with popular aliens AutobotS from the Transformers series with comments like “can you pls make a Tesla real life Transformer Elon pls” and “pls pls pls i really wanna say ‘autobots roll out’”. For the unknown, the Transformer film franchise consists of a series of films directed by Michael Bay. The series focuses on the enmity between two alien species Autobots and Decepticons, species that can transform into any type of man-made vehicles like cars, trucks, fighter jets etc. And of course talk like a human.

The talking feature, when it rolls out on the vehicles, may or may not be a success immediately, considering its ability to shock pedestrians for sure. The Model 3 comes with a speaker in the grill and as per the video, could be the first Tesla car to get equipped with this feature. Though Musk seems to be positive about the upcoming feature, many haven’t forgotten the fiasco that happened at the Cybertruck unveiling last year. During the demonstration of the vehicle, the “shatterproof” glass of the Cybertruck got smashed when a metal ball was hurled at it. The truck door did survive a blow from a sledgehammer earlier, and got just a dent.

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