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13 Jan 2020

High Efficiency Heating Solutions That Saves Money And The Environment

13 Jan 2020  by MYPGNOW   


Imagine a world where you no longer have to get up in the night to put another log on the fire. A world where being kind to the environment doesn’t have to come at an extra cost to you. No muss. No fuss. Just a clean, consistent, comfortable and quiet heating system.

Oh wait. That world already exists.Introducing the latest and greatest in HVAC technology available from Yeti Refrigeration. We’re talking about Daikin Comfort Heat Pumps.


New to the north, and the latest in heating and cooling technology – Daikin heat pump systems offer year-round comfort, energy-efficiency, quiet performance, while helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Daikin Comfort Pro products are environmentally friendly with no direct carbon dioxide emissions. They operate without oil, gas, or other hazardous substances. And Daikin systems allow you to control every aspect of your indoor environment – from temperature and humidity, to the air quality itself.


Wall-mounted Daikin heat pump systems offer up to a 50% reduction of electricity consumption than traditional HVAC systems. And that means big savings in your pocket every month.

They’re more convenient and efficient than wood burning systems. They’re a greener solution for the environment. And, they offer heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.


When you purchase a Daikin system – keep in mind, Air Intelligence is what they’re all about. The perfect temperature. The perfect humidity. And perfectly clean and fresh. And it’s all happening inside. Because that’s where we live. Where we create. Where we grow.

That’s why Daikin focuses on making the air inside as refreshing as the air outside. Better quality. Better comfort. Better control and efficiency. So your experience goes beyond conventional HVAC. And every day is perfect. Inside and out.

Daikin is devoted to overcoming the ever-changing challenges of the air around us. Leveraging their leading, cutting-edge technologies, with a holistic focus on performance, reliability, design, aesthetics, air environment, ease of use and efficiency – they offer outstanding products and system solutions for a more comfortable and sustainable living environment for all people and all regions of the world.


Yeti Refrigeration was founded in 2016 by Byron and Alison Conroy with the goal to provide exceptional refrigeration and HVAC services across Northern BC (as well as the Okanagan).

They offer a wide range of Daikin Comfort Pro products and always provide the ideal solution – whether for an apartment, condo or a house. Daikin units are quiet, and with their specially designed airflow pattern, they create an ideal indoor climate.ASK ABOUT REBATES

Be sure to ask Yeti Refrigeration about rebates available from BC Hydro as well as up to $3,000 available through Clean BC-Better Homes.

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