09 Jan 2020

Chile to Set 747 MW of Hydroelectric Power to Come Online in 2020

09 Jan 2020  by Hydroreview   

According to Chile’s Comision Nacional de Energia (National Energy Commission), a total of 747 MW of hydroelectric power is set to come online in the country in 2020, with an additional 313 MW to enter operations between 2021 and 2024.

A BNamericas report says that among the biggest hydroelectric units is the US$3 billion, 531-MW Alto Maipo, the biggest hydropower project in Chile’s pipeline. The Alto Maipo complex includes two run-of-river facilities – the 267-MW Las Lajas and 264-MW Alfalfal 2 — both of which will be located on the upper Maipo River southeast of Santiago.

Owner AES Gener confirmed to BNamericas last year that the project was on track to finish in 2020. Together with Enel’s US$957 million, 150-MW Los Cóndores, they are expected to come online in December. Other projects are 20-MW Trupán (December), 15-MW Hidromocho (May), 11.4-MW El Pinar (January), a 10-MW expansion of Alfalfal, and 2.6-MW La Confianza.

CNE also reported that about 4,618 MW of new diesel capacity are expected to begin operating in 2020, along with 29 “non-conventional” renewable projects (including the 381-MW Campos del Sol Sur solar park, the 204-MW Cabo Leones II wind farm and the 340-MW Arauco cogeneration boiler.

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