05 Jan 2020

​EDC Represents 60% of Geothermal Power Generation Capacity in the Philippines

05 Jan 2020  by Think Geoenergy   
BacMan geothermal field, Batangas, Philippines (source: Julius Balbin)

Energy Development Corp. (EDC) in the Philippines, remains one of the top geothermal operators in the world, representing a total installed generation capacity of 1,179 MW or 60% of the Philippines total geothermal capacity.
Before the year-end 2019, Philippines-based Energy Development Corporation (EDC), the renewable energy unit of the Lopez group, announced that it continues the expansion of its operations. The company’s geothermal power output was expected to be fully contracted in December 2019.
EDC represents 1,179.3 MW of geothermal power generation capacity as end of September 2019, or around 60% of the total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,948 MW in the Philippines.
EDC’s total output will be supported by its Bacman and Nasulo plants which have been nominated by FG Hydro to supply the contract in its winning bid during the conclusion of Meralco’s competitive selection process for its power supply requirement in September 2019.
“EDC is currently pursuing the expansion of existing geothermal power plants as it continues to look out for other potential geothermal projects locally and internationally,” said Philippine Rating Services Corporation (PhilRatings).
EDC is the largest vertically integrated geothermal developer in the world, operating from the steamfield up to the power plant. It is likewise a leading renewable energy (RE) company, with business interests in geothermal, wind, hydroelectric and solar energy.

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