02 Jan 2020

Meshginshahr Geothermal Power Plant to join Iran's Nat'l Grid

02 Jan 2020  by IrnaEnglish   
Ardebil, Jan 1, IRNA - Iranian Minister Reza Ardakanian announced the operationalizing of Meshginshahr geothermal power plant next year and said that Meshginshahr will be named as the origin of the country's first geothermal power plant in the history of the electricity industry.

Addressing a meeting of the Administrative Council of Ardebil on Wednesday, Ardakanian noted that the first post of 230 kV will enter the circuit next year and the electricity supply for industries and agriculture will improve.

He stressed that with the President's emphasis, tourism opportunities are being created in the country's dams and lakes because the tourism sector is a source of renewable income.

Ardakanian stated that an agreement has been signed with the Ministry of Tourism to use the capacity of dams, lakes, and reservoirs for the presence of domestic and foreign tourists, adding that this will provide the space for a return on investment in less than 2 years.

The energy minister went on to say, however, that this should be done with due regard for environmental considerations and the quality of the dams so that our compatriots could use the 50 large-scale lakes next to these dams as recreational spaces.

Ardakanian further announced Iran's accession to the Eurasian Regional Union, saying that the Ardebil border province could have an active presence in the 200-million-dollar export market.

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