Energy Storage

05 Jul 2019

New York’s Long Island Gets US$55m Behind-The-Meter Storage Boost

05 Jul 2019  by PVTECH/Andy Colthorpe   
Source: Joshua Pomales/Flickr/CC
Customers in Long Island, New York, that install commercial energy storage systems of up to 5MW and residential solar-plus-storage will be eligible for incentive payments of US$250 per kWh of storage installed.

That’s while a US$55 million pledge from state Governor Andrew Cuomo lasts, with close to US$15 million of funding to be spent this year and the remainder to be paid out over the next three to five years.

Cuomo said that the incentives for energy storage “will help Long Islanders grow their clean energy economy and create jobs while also improving the resiliency of their grid in the face of more frequent extreme weather events”.

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